Permanent Makeup



Eyeliner is applied to help enhance the eyes. Permanent eyeliner can be applied to line both the top and bottom lids, to create a soft look, a defined line, or anything in between.

  • $175 – Upper Lid
  • $125 – Lower Lid
  • $275 – Both


Traditional Eyebrows

Permanent makeup can be applied to create the appearance of hair and is often used to define, shape, and fill in sparse areas of the eyebrows. Permanent eyebrow makeup can also be used to create the look of a full pair of eyebrows for people who have lost all of their facial hair, often due to chemotherapy or other medical conditions. An experienced technician can produce the appearance of individual eyebrow hairs and create a natural look.

  • $350



  • $50


Beauty Marks

  • $35



Are you tired of reapplying lipstick throughout the day? Permanent lip makeup can add fullness, balance crooked or uneven lips, and even minimize the appearance of wrinkles around the lips.

  • $450 – Lip Full Color with Liner
  • $250 – Lip Liner



Microblading, is a form of permanent makeup that provides a means to partially or fully camouflage missing eyebrow hair with the appearance of simulated hair using fine deposits of cosmetic pigments.

  • $375



When a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer, a long painful physical and emotional journey begins. In addition to the physical diagnosis, fear and pain, they are several surgeries and treatments to go through. Nipple/Areola tattooing is considered the finishing touch.

  • $200-$800


Scar Camouflage / Color Correction

Scars, burns and discolorations caused by vitiligo or other skin conditions can be camouflaged with the medical micro-pigmentation process.

  • $175 per hour


Basic Tattoo Removal

Total cost determined at free consultation.


Scalp Pigmentation

Total cost determined at free consultation.