About Us

Who We Are


We are a new tattoo shop that specializes in customer comfort.

We have the industries best chairs for our clients comfort.  Sitting in a chair for hours on end is not easy.  That is why we have the top of the line TATSoul chairs.  What to do while sitting there? We have TV’s in each room to keep your mind occupied.

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What We Do


We care about our clients comfort

No expense was spared in making this a comfortable experience for you.

We care about our clients safety.

We are setting ourself apart from most tattoo salons out there. Betty Goodman has 20 + years in the medical field and it is of the up most importance to us to be clean and sterile. All staff will be trained in blood borne pathogens. We will be going above and beyond what is expected. Most states require tattoo salons to have medical procedures in place and are required to be inspected and to meet minimum requirements. Arizona does not have any laws, but we will be going by the guidelines of the strictest states to make sure our clients are protected.

We care about customer service.

We have in place touchscreen computers so that you can look through flash and designs to find what you like. All staff has been trained to put you the customer first and will treat you that way. We do client call backs as part of our aftercare procedures to check on you and your new tattoo or piercing.
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Special Info


Our After care program is second to none.

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Our Mission:

To provide superior quality service that customers would recommend to family and friends. We will work relentlessly to give our customer the most compelling experience possible. By first starting with our employees. Customers will never truly love a tattoo salon until the employees love it first!